Board of Trustees Meeting 5/19/16

At Reclamation District #999 Office

Thursday May 19, 2016

9:00 A.M.


Opening: President Thomas Slater

NOTE: Action may be taken on any item on this agenda.


O1 Approval of Agenda

O2 Minutes of April 21, 2016

O3 April Expenditures

O4 Electrical Power Usage

O5 Other Old Business – NDWA, BDCP, LAND


N1 Manager’s Report

N2 Website Maintenance

N3 Weed Maintenance- Lake Winchester Vineyards

N4 GSA- Groundwater Sustainability Act

N5 Prop 218 Discussion

N6 Budget Review

N7 Assessment 3 Call #19 Update

N8 Legal Discussion- Closed Session

N9 Public Comment

N10 Next Meeting- Thursday June 9, 2016

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