Reclamation District 999

Definition of a Reclamation District: Reclamation districts are special purpose districts which reclaim and protect land that is threatened by permanent or temporary flooding so that it may be used for agriculture, commerce, industry or residence. This is accomplished  with a system of levees, drainage ditches and pumps. (Wikipedia)

Maintenance & Services

Reclamation District 999 serves the residents of Holland Tract through the protection and maintenance of the island’s 33-mile levee system. Through the procurement of federal, state, county, and special assessment funds, RD999 maintains ditches, supervises water levels, performs vegetation control and emergency preparedness/flood prevention protocol, and repairs levee sites as necessary. District engineering oversight is provided by MBK Engineers and District Legal Counsel is provided by Downey Brand Attorneys.


Formed in 1913 by the California Legislature, Reclamation District 999 is responsible for protecting the lives and property within our borders. We provide flood protection by maintaining 33 miles of levees, 260 miles of ditches and canals, and 15 discharge pumps.

We also provide irrigation for most of  the 22, 400 farmable acres in the district. To do so, we maintain 5 inlet stations which can draw water from the Sacramento River, Elk Slough, Sutter Slough, and the Sacramento Deep Water Ship Channel to fill our network of ditches and canals.

Levee maintenance primarily includes mowing levee slopes, tree trimming, weed control, rodent abatement, crown road maintenance, erosion repair, and routine inspections. Ditch maintenance requires vegetation control, cleaning, deepening of the waterways and the maintenance of pipes, gates, risers and pumps which connect them.