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Reclamation District 999 takes part in the California Department of Water Resources (DWR) Flood Control Subventions program. As described by the DWR website, the Subventions program, along with the Central Valley Flood Protection Board (CVFPB), assists local agencies with financial cost shares for maintenance, repair, and construction of federally authorized flood control projects.

When projects are federally authorized, local agencies are responsible for soliciting the State to consider cost sharing in the project.  After we evaluate the project benefits, we may submit a report to Legislature with an eligibility determination.  If the project is approved by the California Legislature and specifically added to the California Water Code, we can share in the non-federal costs of the project.

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Reclamation District 999 Annual Audit

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Per current audit (2018), Page 13, Section 2 (Significant Account Policies), Part I (Reserves), Reclamation District 999’s reserve policy is as follows: Reservations of the ending fund balance represent those portions of fund equity not appropriable for expenditures or legally segregated for a specific future use. Assigned fund balances represent tentative plans for future use of financial resources.