District Employees and Board of Trustees

District Office Contacts

Office Phone: (916) 775-2144

Acting Manager: Thomas Slater

District Bookkeeper & Secretary to the Board: Cassandra Davis

Email: recdist999@gmail.com

Street/Mailing Address: 38563 Netherlands Road Clarksburg, CA 95612

Field Operations

Sergio Rodarte: Watermaster

Cell: (916) 417-0190

Equipment Operator: Irving Rodarte

Levee Maintenance: Paul Fennochio

Shop Operations

Joe Rodarte, Mechanic

Cell: (916) 417-0191

Employee Compensation Information

Board of Trustees

Thomas Slater: President

Bio: Landowner & Vineyard Owner at Slater Farms

4 Year Term Expires 12/06/2023

Contact: tslaterdee@yahoo.com 916-240-5610

Stephen Barsoom: Vice President

Bio: Landowner & Owner at Ensher Alexander Barsoom

4 Year Term Expires 12/01/2021

Contact: barsoom@citlink.net

Ed Franceschi : Trustee

Bio: Vineyard Manager at Wilson Farms

4 Year Term Expires 12/06/2023

Contact: edward@wilsonvineyards.com

Gary Robert Merwin: Trustee

Bio: Landowner & President at Merwin Vineyards

4 Year Term Expires 12/01/21

Contact: gmerwin1981@gmail.com

Jefferey Merwin: Trustee

Bio: Landowner & President at S H Merwin

4 Year Term Expires 12/06/2023

Contact: windycorners@calbroadband.net

Election Procedures & Deadlines

As outlined in the California Water Code
Sec. 50731.5 :

(a) Nominations for the office of trustee shall be made by petition filed with the secretary not earlier than 75 days or later than 5 p.m. on the 54th day before the election

(b) The petition shall be signed as follows:
(1) If there are 15 or more qualified voters in the district, by five or more qualified voters.
(2) If there are less than 15 qualified voters in the district, by one or more qualified voters.

(c) Notice that the petitions may be received shall be published once by the secretary at least seven days prior to the final date for receiving petitions. If the election includes the balance of an unexpired term, the notice shall state that the petition must indicate whether the nomination is for that unexpired term. The notice shall be published in a newspaper in each county in which any of the district lands are situated, if any newspaper is published therein, and if not, in a newspaper having general circulation therein.

Board Members are not compensate